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Web Certificates: Advantages
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The Advantages of Domain Name Com Web Certificates are:


You can purchase a digital web certificate from Domain Name Com at a significant discount

from that our competitors. Domain Name Com offers 256-bit SSL certificates for only $44.95 which is more than 3 times less than the cheapest alternative from Versign ($149.00) and way less than GeoTrust ($169.00).


The use of 256-bit SSL certificates has become standard for e-commerce enabled web sites or any web site that collects private information from users. Use of any authenticated Web Certificate gives the user confidence in the identity of the company receiving the information and that the information is not being intercepted in transit.


Priced significantly lower than the market leader's offering and providing the same level of security, Domain Name Com Web Certificates offer buyers a cost-effective, high-quality security solution.


Domain Name Com Web Certificates are recognized by 99% of the browsers currently in use including Netscape, Explorer, Opera, etc.


If your customers are engaging or planning to engage in e-commerce they will need to purchase at least one web certificate. With Domain Name Com Web Certificates as part of your product offering you can accommodate this important customer need.


Domain Name Com Web Certificates are offered in accordance with Domain Name Com's overall commitment to its customer channel. This means that you will always have total control over your customer relationship. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to enhance your identity by offering your customers a product that is at the forefront of secure Internet communications.


Web certificates, as part of the Internet security solutions market are expected to grow at an annual rate of over 45% between 2001 and 2006. Also, web certificates are sold on a yearly basis and provide a recurring revenue stream. The renewal rate for web certificates averages 80%.

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